Two Way Radios

Motorola CLS 1410 Two Way Radios rentals Seattle

Motorola CLS 1410 Two Way Radios rentals Seattle


Motorola CLS 1410 are top of the line commercial and Industrial UHF wireless walkie talkies. These radios have five mile range and can work in multistory buildings. Motorola CLS 1410 two way radios are generally used at construction sites and during large events for communication and control etc. These radio come with ear sets / headset mics and speakers. Copy and paste the following link for the user guide:


  • UHF, 4 Channel, 56 Frequencies, 121 codes, 1 Watt, Bandwidth 12.5 Front LCD, Keypad Lock
  • Scan, 3 Call tones, Lithium ION battery upto 12 hours, chargers with multiple units and cloning capabilities.
  • Weight approx. 5 ounces 4.1" X 2.0" X 1.1", swivel holster


  • Extra batteries
  • Single charger or multiple duplicatingf chaarger
  • Headset microphone