Large PA Systems

Mackie SRM 450 Loudspeakers, SRM 1801 Sub, Mixer & Microphone


Combination of Mackie SRM 450 Powered loudspeakers, SRM 1801 Sub-woofers, quality wired and wireless microphones and choice of right mixer and processors like EQs, Compressors, limiters / Gates and sound effects equipment can make a very good PA system for large venues and DJs etc. You may call us directly to determine the right PA system for your large events.

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  • Mackie SRM 450 full range loudspeakers provide 450 watts.
  • Mackie SRM 1801 subs provide 1000W of ultra-efficient Class-D Fast Recovery


  • Multiple subs
  • Multiple SRM 450
  • Wired vocal Drum and instrument Microphones