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Slide Projectors Kodak EKTOGRAPHIC III/E Plus with Carousel


Standard Features

The EKTAGRAPHIC III ATS, AMT, A, E Plus, ABR and BR Projectors share the following basic features:

Extra Bright Lamp Module (30% brighter)

1300 lumens with EXR lamp

Accepts 2 x 2 inch slides in standard 80 and 140 circular slide trays

Precise horizontal and vertical slide registration

Gentle gravity feed of slides

Forward and reverse at control panel and with remote control

Manual focus at control panel

Four-position lamp operation (OFF, FAN, LO, HI) (LO reduces lumens 30% and prolongs lamp life)

Dependable, rugged design

Accepts rack-mount style lens

Built-in reading light

Built-in carry handle

Easy access to lamp module for quick lamp changes

Safety thermal cut-off fuses prevents overheating

Dark screen shutter eliminates light on screen when no slide

Quick-release elevating foot (up to 16 degrees elevation)

Rear leveling adjustment foot

Bolt-down fixing socket (accepts 1/4 in. by 20-thread bolt)

Slide tray removal with power off

Supplied with 82V, 300W EXR lamp (approx 35 hrs)

Ships with cabled remote control (except Model E Plus), Universal 80-slide tray, and instruction manual (unless noted otherwise for special dealer configuration)

Voltage: 110V-125V, 60Hz operation, except models BR and ABR*

Attached power cord; 10-ft, 3-prong, grounded U.S. plug Except models BR and ABR*

7-pin connector for external dissolve controls

8-pin special applications socket

Storage compartment for remote control or lamps, except models BR and ABR*

Four Year Warranty.

UL and CSA approvals

Dimensions - Approximately 11 x 13 x 5 in., without slide tray.

Weight - Approximately 11.75 lbs.

* Models BR and ABR

Voltage: 100, 115, 130, 220, 230 and 240 volts, user selectable.

50/60 Hz, automatic sensing

Detached power cord; 10-ft, 3-prong, grounded U.S. plug; IEC 320 power inlet.

No storage compartment; space for voltage transformer.