Wired Microphones

Crown PCC 170SW Surface mounted supercordioid phantom-powered microphone


Supercardioid Phantom-Powered Surface-Mount PZM Boundry Microphone with Configurable Switch

The Crown PCC-170SW is a surface-mounted supercardioid microphone of professional quality. This handsomely styled unit is appropriate for use on the most elegant boardroom table or lectern. Other applications include churches, courtrooms and council chambers.

The PCC-170SW has a silent-operating membrance switch which is normally off. The switch can be configured for touch on/off, momentary on or momentary off operation. This configuration is set by a bottom-mounted DIP switch. A high-intensity LED lights when the unit is on. The PCC-170SW is intended for multiple-microphone use on a conference table where each person wants control of his or her microphone.

The microphone attenuates 70dB when the switch is in the off position. Since the microphone capsule is placed on a boundary or surface, direct and reflected sounds arrive at the diaphragm in-phase, resulting in a wide, smooth frequency response free of phase interference. Clarity and reach are also enhanced.

Self-contained electronics eliminate the need for an in-line preamp. Powered by 12-48V phantom power, the PCC-170SW has a low-impedance balanced output which permits long cable runs without hum pickup or high-frequency loss.

RFI suppression is included. Self-noise is low and sensitivity is very high. A bass-tilt switch allows the user to tailor the low-end response for particular applications.


Type: Phase Coherent Cardioid

Element: Electret Condenser

Frequency Response: 50Hz to 20,000 Hz at 30 degrees incidence to surface

Polar Pattern: Half-supercardioid (supercardioid in the hemisphere above the primary boundary)

Impedance: 150 ohms, balanced (recommended impedance 1000 ohms or greater)

Open Circuit Sensitivity: 22 mV/Pa

Power Sensitivity: -30.5 dB re 1 mW/Pa

Equivalent Noise Level (self-noise): 22 dB SPL typical, A-weighted

S/N Ratio: 72 dB at 94 dB SPL

Maximum SPL: 120 dB SPL produces 3% THD

Off Attenuation: 70 dB at 1 kHz

Turn-on time: 250 msec.

Turn-off time: 125 msec.

Operating Voltage: Phantom power, 12 to 48 volts DC

Current drain: 6 mA nominal

Connector: Switchcraft TB3M

Cable: 15-foot, black, two-conductor shielded cable with Switchcraft TA3F and A3M connectors

Net Weight: 6 oz