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HDMI Signal Enhance


The EX-HDMI-2A HDMI Extender is a digital signal booster that corrects the signal degradation that occurs in long HDMI cables. It is perfect for extending a HDMI display away from the signal source.

If you need to use a long cable to connect your display (such as HDTV) to your video source, you may see pixilation, sparkles, or loss of video and/or audio when connected directly using cables longer than about 15 feet. To reconstruct the digital signals, you need to use an equalizer such as the EX-HDMI-2A. It compensates for the losses of the LVDS signals on its input, and it also features a switchable boosted video output that can drive long cables. With quality HDMI copper cables, you can extend 1080p or 1920x1200 resolutions up to about 130 feet total (65 feet on the input and 65 feet on the output).


  • Provides to 2.5 times gain on input to compensate for long HDMI cable loss
  • Extend cable reach to 130 feet - 65 feet each side
  • Maintains high HDMI link with video resolution up to UXGA/1080p
  • HDCP compliant. Plug and play, easy to install
  • Can be powered directly from the video source, but also includes power supply
  • Backward compatible with DVI (adapter needed