Sound Mixing, Amplification and Processing

Studio Stereo Mixer RANE SM82 also for sale


The Rane SM 82 is a product offering incredible power and

versatility. It is the equivalent of a sixteen channel mixer in one

rack space. Measuring only 5.25 inches deep, it can do the job

of mixers costing several times as much while only occupying

a fraction of the rack space. It is ideally suited for keyboards,

synthesizer expander modules and drum machines, as well as

such things as effects mixing in guitar racks. It also functions

as an excellent submixer for stereo line inputs and effects to a

larger console. Because of shorter internal signal paths, it is much

cleaner than many mixers ten times the cost and size.

Each of the eight Stereo (two channel) input channels feature

a stereo rotary input Level control, a stereo aux Send level control

slider and a left to right Balance control slider. When a single

mono input is used, the Balance control acts as a pan pot. The

aux return section provides a rotary Return Level control and a

slide control for left to right Balance. The output stage includes

a rotary Output Level control and a slide control for left to right


The human engineering applied to the SM 82 makes it

extremely easy to operate. The segregation of function between

rotary and slide controls (rotary for all input and output Levels

and slide for Balance and Send) makes it simple to use, even in

the dark.

The SM 82 is fully expandable using the ?" TRS Main Expand

Input and Output jacks. Expansion is as simple as connecting

a stereo ?" jumper cable from the first unit?s Expand Output

jack to the second unit?s Expand Input jack. Now, two SM 82

units create a 16 channel stereo (32 input) line level Mixer in just

two rack spaces. Or, 24 channel stereo (48 input) Mixer in just

three rack spaces. You get the idea!


  • 8 Stereo Input Channels
  • 1 Stereo Auxiliary Send
  • 1 Stereo Auxiliary Return
  • Stereo Balance / Mono Pan Controls
  • Balanced Stereo Output
  • Expandable
  • UL/CSA/CE and 100/120/230 VAC Remote Power Supplies