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Press Box Pressbox Mult Box Multbox 24 channel WhirlWind PB-24

PRESS BOX 24 channel Whirlwind PB-24 rental


These passive units distribute one line level input to multiple mic level outputs*. Each output is transformer isolated, provides excellent interchannel isolation and is ground lifted to help eliminate noise problems. Whirlwind TRSP-2F transformers are used throughout.

The boxes are constructed with rugged, cold-rolled steel. Available with 6, 12, or 24 outputs.

? Input Impedance: 2k Ohms

? Output Impedance: 150 Ohms

? Operating Level: 0 dB input = -43 dB output

? Channel-to-channel Isolation:

? 65 dB between vertically adjacent channel pairs, 107 dB between non-vertically adjacent pairs

* Line level signal MUST be provided into these passive press boxes. A microphone directly into the input will not provide enough signal level for proper operation.