Video Switchers, Scalers and Converters

Extron System 5cr Plus Switcher


The System 5cr Plus is a five input, one output A/V switcher that combines the most popular features of the System 5cr with these newly added, flexible features: easier to use IR learning; the option to separately set line-out audio output at a fixed level; and one input conveniently configurable for composite video, S-video, or RGBHV. The System 5cr Plus provides an all-in-one, inexpensive solution for projector & room control of smaller-scale A/V installations, such as conference rooms or boardrooms. Designed for use with LCD, DLP, or plasma displays, the System 5cr Plus learns and manipulates IR signals from the display-supplied remote control. This enables switching of computer-video, S-video, and composite video signals to that display. The System 5cr Plus also offers an internal audio amplifier and offers room control capability, so room lighting, screen settings, and other device functions may be controlled through the System 5cr Plus room function via an internal relay. By providing projector control, room control, universal compatibility with displays, and system audio capabilities, the System 5cr Plus performs functions that would typically require up to four different products in one integrated solution. The System 5cr Plus provides a total of five input: two for RGBHV, two for composite or S-video, and one that is configurable for composite video, S-video, or RGBHV. One of the RGBHV inputs, a 15-pin HD connector, is located on the front panel for easy access. This makes it convenient to connect a laptop or computer directly no need to access the back of the switcher.


  • Universal projector control via IR learning capabilities allows it to operate with any IR-controllable display.
  • Room lighting, screen settings, and other device functions may be controlled via an internal relay
  • Remote IR learning capabilities
  • Equipped with both a line-out audio output for each of the five audio inputs and an amplified 24 watt (12 watt per channel at 4 ohm load) output
  • Five inputs/one output