Power Conditioners, Generators and Stabilizers

ETA Systems PD11LV Conditioned Power Distributor


The "PD" Conditioned Power Distribution Series easily deals with normal AC line power fluctuations as well as the more drastic abnormalities of the spike and surge variety. Also, filtering of airborne interferences caused by electromagnetic and radio frequency transmissions is routinely accomplished. More sophisticated ETA models utilize microprocessor technology to regulate AC power and sequence power turn-on to reduce high in-rushes of power.

ETA's sophisticated electronic protection technology is the favorite of professionals who demand flawless operation of digital mixers, processors, amplifiers and PC's whether in the studio, in the boardroom, on tour or in a home entertainment environment.

ETA Power Distribution is the benchmark by which professionals compare.

All Professional Permanent Installations, Recording Studios, Theaters, Schools, Clubs, Churches, any entertainment venue, business board rooms, and audio/visual multi-use presentation rooms.

Portable Applications: On-The-Road Concert Tours, Bands, and D.J. services.

Other Important Applications: A/V racks, computer networks, and home entertainment centers.


  • 10 protected U-grounded power outlets, 8 switched, 2 "always on"
  • 4 dual 15-amp U-grounded outlets
  • 1 "always on" dual 15 amp U-grounded outlet on back panel
  • Full 15 amps, 1800 watts capacity per unit
  • Protected "always on" 15 amp AC power outlet on the front panel
  • Total unit 15 amp circuit breakers located on front panel
  • Digital voltmeter readout
  • Dual swivel rack high output illuminators with High/Low settings and easy-to-change bulb accessibility
  • Spike and surge protection
  • EMI/RFI filtration
  • 1 rack space
  • Max. amps: 15/unit
  • Max. watts: 1800/unit
  • Spike/surge protection: Line to neutral, neutral to ground, line to ground
  • Response time: < 1 nanosecond
  • Max. Clamping Voltage: 330V
  • Max. Spike Current: 6500 amps
  • Max. Surge Energy: 630 jo