DJ Equipment

Optimus SSM 1750 Mixer with Sound Effects also for sale


Optimus SSM 4-Channel Stereo Audio Mixer is a sophisticated control center, perfect for

mixing sound from multiple playback sources such as a microphone, tuner, CD player, turnta-

ble, or the audio output from a VCR.

It is ruggedly constructed for home or professional use and its wide-range volume controls let

you adjust sound levels to achieve the right mix for playing through your speaker system or for

recording. The mixer's many features give you almost limitless sound combinations.


  • 19" Rack Mountable
  • 4 Input Channels for CD players - Turntables - Etc
  • Dual Switchable Mic Inputs w/Talkover Music capability
  • Cross Fader allows continuous music between muliple input sources
  • Full dial controls for each Input channel with separate gain and output levels for each channel
  • Echo section allows variable Delay Repeat and Level
  • 6 built-in Sound Effects with level control
  • Headphone jack and mute level